About Us

Who are we?
We’re the better design house in the international design service provider. “KRF Photo editing house” is the name of popular graphics design and image editing service provider in this world. We have better experience in graphics design and image editing service with qualified designer.

KRF is now providing high quality graphics design and image editing service for all small or big companies. We have 24×7 customer support facilities to guide you through whole order process. You will be surprised how much cheaper we can produce for you! Just hit your fingertips on the Contact Us and we will ease up your extra load and cost at your complete satisfaction. Check us to create something unique for you. We are always ready for:

  1. 1. Image Editing Service and
  2. 2. Graphics Design Service.


Why KRF ?

  • KRF has been serving worldwide.
  • KRF operates 24/7 on a “12 hours” standard turnaround. However, the turnaround time can be as low as 4 hours, depending on the nature and demand of the job
  • KRF offers competitive pricing without compromising on deadlines and quality.
  • KRF strives to build-term relationship with its clients by providing them with tailor made solutions.
  • All finished jobs are re-checked and pass strict quality control parameters before delivery.
  • KRF maintains prompt communication with the clients. Average email responding time is 10 minutes by the Customer Service Department.
  • KRF allocates dedicated team for specific projects.
  • Free trail is available for all potential clients.
  • Monthly billing and online payment facilities.
  • KRF is fully compliant to the local labor law and ensures quality and healthy working environment for its employees.
  • KRF management has more than several years experience in the design industry and experience in online and data delivery management. Use our experience for your benefit.
  • Client’s satisfaction and Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding any client related issue is our best capital.

If you are looking for a quality design service provider from Asian Subcontinent then you can easily release your loads and cost by outsourcing at us to concentrate on your core business or creative activities.